What Are We Doing?

Familial Bonds LLC.: Helping individuals, couples, groups, and families achieve long-standing results through the compassionate and professional rendering of coaching services
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Familial Bonds has been providing care for the Metro Atlanta community for over 10  years in one facet or another. We are proud of our individual ‘hands on’ 'unbiased'  approach to client care in Life Coaching and Psychotherapy.  We use state-of-the-art, empirically supported, systems oriented techniques to provide freedom for positive growth by decreasing the syptoms and frequency of your afflictions, while enhancing your understanding by arming you with the know-how to succeed and accomplish even greater things in life.  The most important thing is that we help you uncover the beauty of your reality, even in the darkest of days, and to overcome the hurdles of life while remaining in positive spirits and adapting more positive and productive coping mechanisms and lifestyle habits that will, in essense, support your positive growth.  With over 30 years of combined education in biological and psychological education.  You will receive quality rated service from start to finish working with the practitioners in this office.  It is not the license of the practitioner that makes them qualified, it is the tenure of education  and experience,  and this is what qualifies our professionals, regardless of their particular area of expertise in coaching. There are several different types of coaches,  as they are tailor made to fit the area in which they not only hold expertise but also hold a healthy interest in helping people strugling with those areas of life. I guess this concept in similar to sports coaches. .... You wouldn't hire a football coach to teach you the fundamentals of basketball.  Although that particular coach may be familiar with some aspects of the craft, that isn't their specialty right?  A life experientce coach is the same thing but of a very particular and different specialty.

When we first opened our doors, we had one simple goal and that goal has never changed. We want to take care of people and help improve the quality of life for individuals, couples, and families. We have always been committed to reducing stress and anxiety, increasing awareness, and helping people stay focused and active in their family systems and in their lives all together.  This is an element that has and will continue to remain constant, while the element that will always be evolving as we continue to grow, is YOU.  You matter to us.

Familial Bonds uses a comprehensive approach incorporating physical therapy, psychoeducation, various systems oriented approaches, exercise, and guidance, and outside referrals for the best results. You don’t have to live with the pain of your aflictions and the effects thereof. Let us teach you how to live without it. Give us a call at 678.273.2181 or 678.468.0442, to learn more about our services or just stop in and ask for a free consultation.

Comprehensive Family Therapy Consultative Services

This is a service that covers a wide array of approaches based on theories that have been proven by longitudinal studies to introduce and maintain permanent and consistent change machanisms in the family system.  Your family or occupational system will benefit from thorough case management from the beginning to the end of service providers trained in the discipline of marriage and family therapy are competent in play therapy for younger children, forensic family interviewing, comprehensive intake assessments, substance abuse, family and community violence, trauma, and mental health medicine assessments.
The treatment plans are thorough and family mapping services are catered to fit each system as appropriate.  The best thing about our organization is that we are commited to long standing results for families that equip themwith the skills necessary to build and maintain adequate problem solving and communication skills necessary for proper functioning in today's society.  

Parent Aid Services

What is a parent aide?

Caring parent educators who are trained to work with you in your home, community or office setting.

What will my parent aide do for me?

Provide support, guidance, and positive role modeling.

Help you to develop parenting skills such as behavior management, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, time and household management, parent-child communication and organizational skills.

Help you find resources in your community for food, transportation, utilities, education, job opportunities, etc.

How long will I be working with my parent aide?

The Parent Aide program is specially designed for each family referred. Duration of service varies depending upon individual needs.

What can I do to achieve my goals?

Keep scheduled appointments.

Be willing to try new things.

Be ready when your parent aide arrives.

Ask for help when you need it.

Have faith that YOU CAN DO IT!

Career Services

We provide Career Counseling and Assessment Services
Career Readiness Services  (Assist in the development of a comprehensive, cover letter and resume that is tailored to the occupation and career field you choose in coming in for service.  The next step is preparing you for the interview,  and finally we follow you through the position vetting process to ensure you are gainfully employed and thereafter you are able to independently employ the skills taght to you.  The overall fee is $250 one time and you will be more than pleased with the services received.
Free consultation is 15 minutes in duration so come prepared to ask all of the questions you have..  Book your appointment via our patient portal.