Our Groups meet daily at 6pm to help individuals going through similar issues experience transformative change with one another.  It can be extremely therapeutic to talk and express yourself among others who truly understand from the standpoint of being in the same or similar situation, furthermore, longitudinal studies have shown group therapy to be beneficial for people who are victims of trauma, abuse, and those who struggle with addiction because they not only have a platform and space for change but an alternative environment the encourages them from the viewpoint they often share.  Come and allow the process to begin permeation into your life issues and grow steady with us as we help promote your desired change.  The list below  outlines the daily groups offered here.  Please call the office for more information and possible cancellations due to weather and storm closings.        Payments are due when services are rendered. Groups are 25 dollars per person per group and they last for two hours (Financial Assistance Available for those who qualify.

Monday- Substance Use and Abuse Recovery - Do you use substances and feel like you need to have them for any number of reasons although it interferes with your normal functioning, gainful employment, social relationships, family system, and positive personality development....... maybe this is where you should be.  Do you need an honest ear that is encouraging and yet stern to keep you on track and moving in a positive direction?  Do you feel like you could quit if you wanted to?  Have you quit before and started back using again?  Do you need a structured approach to recovery?  We are all at different levels at different times in our lives but we are commited to meeting you where you are and moving upward alongside you from there to recovery through transformative growth.

Tuesday - Men's Night - This group is dedicated to absent and non-custodial fathers along with other men who need to discuss the issues they face in life daily and can't quite get a handle on.  Be a source of empowerment and strength for your fellow man and help one another grow in a positive direction by developing positive habits that enable you to reach your full potential.  Our men are great at encouraging one another through grief, loss, depression, body image issues, weight loss frustration, legal matters, and father's rights just to name a few.  
Contact us if you would like to speak or offer services.  678.468.0442 Dr. Jefferson

Wednesday - Teens Living With a Purpose - This amazing group is meant to take back our teens.  Are you feeling lost, confused, frustrated with your parents, family, significant other, or maybe like you have no voice?  Do you need help with developing social skills, coping through depression or an eating disorder?  Do you feel like noone understands you or accepts you for who you are?  This is the place for you to reach your full potential and uncover the you that you aspire to be for YOU.  Contact us about getting started today or ... just show up.

Thursday Night - Domestic Violence Abusers Recovery -

Did you know most abusers where victims at on point themselves? 

Sure you do, dig deep..... you see what I mean now?  Acceptance of what we have done is the first step, Understanding what it has done to affect others is the next step, healing ourselves as we realize how we identify with that piece takes us into a whole different spectrum.... Join us for transformative growth and let us help you along with everyone else achieve higher heights, take control of your emotions and anger, and reach transformative growth.

Friday - Domestic Violence Victims' Recovery -

Self blame and denial are the initial scapegoats victims run to when they are a part of a system of abuse.  Whether the hurt is physical, emotional, mental, financial, or intellectual we are here to help you recover and to move past the hurt by identifying all of the resources at your disposal in building a network, loving yourself enough to take a stand, recover you, reintroduce the full element of hope and determination for something greater.  If you or someone you know has been a victim of abuse or trauma, this is where you belong.  Heal, let's heal together.  With you I can become better .... "Better Together"