How do you Select a Practitioner?

     Selecting a helping professional is serious business.  This is your life and these are your issues.  Think about that  piece for a second......  When you select a practitioner, you must make that decision based on a careful analysis of their professional standard of care, belief, and approach to change that guides their work.  We are not all created equal and I will be the first to tell you this. There are specific areas of this website dedicated to your understanding the facet in which each type of practitioner operates.  Read these descriptions carefully and utilize other resources and descriptions around the web for a more accurate picture of what type of helping professional may be best suited for your needs. 

     As the owner of this Consultation and Psychotherapy Practice, I am honest and extremely forward in all of my life's work whether it is personal or professional.  I know what it looks like to be in therapy and remit no change and this is not what I stand by.  The level of care you recieve here at Familial Bonds should speak to our mission statement and I am honored to continuosly take a position that supports this level of professionalism and servitude. That is the true purpose of the financial assistance programs and the free initial consultation.      We are truly passionate about the results we aspire to provide for the population of people we service.  Take out the time and read some of the bios and social media information provided about us and other practitioners who are affiliated with our company.  Weigh your options and take advantage of the free consultations.... select a qualified practitioner based on your story, your needs, and your vision for growth and development.  If you have any questions, feel free to email or call.