Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

          Life coaching varies only a small bit from the basic tenants of therapy or counseling in that it involves the professional positioning themselves alongside you by utilizing their personal experiences and so much of self expertise in assisting you as you make significant discoveries about you, your careerpath, personal decision making, and your life in general.  It is a way of discovering or uncovering the elements of you that you may not be able to see as clearly prior to being coached through it.  You remain the expert in your life and the coach is there to guide you and help you see the best you in the elements that you uncover.  There are several reasons I feel that some could benefit more from life coaching services moreso than counseling or therapy.  As a mental health practitioner, maladaptive behavior and mental defect or illness is something I can honestly say requires a more clinical mindset and set of interventions to match those.  The same goes for other diagnostic impression related problems simply due to the limits of treatment and medication management restrictions.  

          However, there are times where we may simply find ourselves in circularity with our problems and stuck in a sense.  This may temporarily hender our problem-solving capabilities and this is where the assistance of a life coach could come into play.  Another reason that people vet the services of life coaching professionals is there is a training to be benefitted from and the possibility of psychoanlysis is now thrown out of the window.  Only your outcome and goal parameters are analyzed or assessed for growth and attainability.  Consider this a solution focused way to explore the direction in which you intend for your life story.  I have been helping people who find themselves disatisfied with the realms of popular culture navigate and find true autonomy within the limts of Alternative Life Style Culture for years now.  These are possible reason for seeking the services of a coach outside of Business and Personal Growth coaching, but this is not the limit.  Just understand that there are levels to vetting the proper meantal, emotional, and life balance and wellness practitioner and at the end of the day, the most important thing is your outcome. 

          Allowing our clients to navigate through their lives and their issues is rewarding for us because we all believe in the power of empowerment.  Life coaches can help facilitate space for significant growth as you are guided through the issues and eventually solve them.   Having a life coach is about having someone who support, empowers, and holds you accountable for your own guided change in life. Life becomes more meaningful for you. You feel and are actually on top of things again and you are allowed to book further services as needed.

Another lens to view the element of life coaching is to see it for what most people see it as, a less stigmatized way to take charge of their lives and aspirations.  Many people like to be proactive and before moving in to a transition in their lives, they want to be prepared for it.  Preparation includes education and mentorship in the various stages of these transitions.  In many ways life coaching mimicks some clinical system models of therapy but is much too brief in most occassions to be considered clinical, intervention wise, from a longitudinal perspective. Some of the requests for life coaching services surround but are not limited to the following:

- Moving past grief and loss
- Finding Your Way in Life
- Unplanned Parenthood
- Food, nutrition, and weight loss
- Alternative Life Style Relational Transition
- Cool off moments (workplace stress venting)
- Alternative LifeStyle Living
- Polyamorous Relationship Vetting and Transition
- Monogamous Relationship Vetting  and Transition
- Bad Break-ups
- Purposeful living
- Artistry and Creativity
- Career Change and Supportive Employment

Life Coaching sessions are $150 per 45 minute session (There are times when this rate is 100 dollars off) and can be handled virtually. Please remember, all of our practitioners are more than qualified to provide this service to you, if you are looking to vet the services of a Life Coach, think about their life experiences and how they have shaped their position in servicing their clients. Select your Coach today and good luck on your path.  Ask me about your social media discount packages and payment plans.