Marital Enrichment Therapy

 What is the purpose?

Not every couple seeking therapy is having issues and not all couples outside of therapy are absent from issues.  Marital Enrichment Therapy is a brief therapy meant to re-establish and strengthen the lines of communication and simply being between partners.  Maybe things aren't "bad" per say... We all need work from time to time and that is the purpose of enrichment.  We take what is already working and help you make it even better.  How awesome is that.......
 What a way to normalize the experience of couple in therapy.  Many couples report feeling closer and a new sense of security in their relationships after their six sessions in Marital Enrichment Therapy.  This is also a great service for couple who seek to renew their vows at the ten year mark of marriage.  One can never learn too much about their partner and more importantly, we are in a state of constant evolution, so as we grow as individuals, our bodies and minds must also grow as well. In essence, we should view our companionships the same way.

"Marriages made to last forever are marriages that are frequently conditioned properly, prune your marriage as you would your garden" ~DocLQJ~

"Remember that although we are not defined by our actions alone, the actions we take can define our outcome" ~Doc LQJ~