Meet Our Practitioners (Mrs. Emeka Smith)

Mrs. Emeka Smith
Qualified Life Coach
Holistic Counselor for Substance Abuse
Adolescent Service Specialist


Mrs. Smith, a native of Washington State, is a compassionate and caring Life Coach

who is committed to helping you along your journey to recovery. She has

expanded experience in direct care and adolescent behavioral health. She is very

thorough in her work and her passion for people drives her to continue to expand

on her education and training. She also brings a holistic approach to her work.

This means she embrace the big picture and encourage her clients to do the

same. When clients broaden their perspective about themselves and their

circumstances, they are better to manage challenges. She also conducts

workshops and seminars to help awaken the inner spirit and confidence of

adolescent who desire to make a difference. Mrs. Smith is very passionate about

helping adolescents identify what holds them back; self-limiting beliefs, negative

self-talk, low self-esteem and commonly- low to no self-confidence. She

understands this first hand, having to go through some of life’s most painful

challenges herself, she experienced unhealthy relationships and failed business,

and years of a teen mother who struggled throughout life. These experiences

created a self-sabotaging mindset-she to shift her mindset to begin to live

victoriously. Once she mastered this transformation of her belief system in herself

she stepped into the place that served her purpose ultimately her destiny to help

adolescents. She has a specialized interest in Addiction Recovery, Couples Work,

and Meditation/ Spiritual Rejuvenation.

She also does event planning and interior design consultations. Please send her

an email to inquire about pricing and scheduling for these services.

She can be reached via email anytime

Her notary appointment in in Rockdale County.