Meet Our Team (Ms. Haley Truett)

Ms. Haley Truett
Practice Administrator
Research Assistant
Coaching Trainee/Intern



Haley Truett received her Bachelor of arts in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of West Georgia in 2017. She conducted a UWG scholars day research project on School Counselors that led her to realize Mental Health counseling was more of her calling. She is experienced in cultivating positive relationships and committed to always keeping herself and everyone around her motivated. She believes that to hold all the knowledge of the entire world in one mind is impossible which is why we have so many separate minds. Each person is created to hold certain parts and amounts of knowledge but each person is also created to share that knowledge with everyone else. Once we have all the knowledge shared and valued with one another, that is when we become one. Life is about connecting with one another, obtaining awareness, and seeing how we can help one another.
Haley's passion for this field come from her own struggles and her relationship with her dad who suffers from a few mental health illnesses. She knows from experience that some battles just cannot be fought alone. She has been attending counseling herself for 3 years and concludes that even if you feel healed, you should still continue counseling because its important to take at least one hour a week to focus on yourself and consciousness.    
Haley will be pursuing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling at University of West Georgia in Spring of 2018. 

Areas of Interest:
Accountability and Life Coaching
Attachment/Separation Issues
Mental Health
Faith Based/Christian Counseling
General Support
Life Transitions
Relationship Difficulties
Self Esteem

*[[Jeremiah 29:11]]*