Spiritual Counseling

Why a Spiritual Guidance Consultant?

          A spiritual consultant/counselor is one of a kind in their approach to healing and rejuvenating the individuals, because they integrate spirituality and the psychosocial interventions within the context of therapy. A spiritual counselor may operate and use similar intervention techniques a traditional counselor may from time to time, as they take various psychosocial approaches that are necessary regardless of the type of helping professional one choses.

           One of the main differences between Spiritual Counselors and your traditional concrete psychotherapist or professional therapist is the fact that they may pray with you and for you as a part of the process or intervention chosen to initiate change.  The Spiritual Counselor is also extremely resourceful in using scripture based guidance, as well as teaching their clients to meditate as an integral part of the discovery process. The elements of prayer and meditation can be healing and therefore is therapeutic. Oftentimes people seek therapy from a spiritual counselor if they feel that they are ready to get themselves on a compatible spiritual path and may need guidance from a person who is already operating at the desired level on the path of spiritualty.  WE offer the highest level of ethical care and only want for you what you discover and decide to uncover on you spiritual path.  Contact us today for you start point... a free consultation.