Individual Therapy and Coaching Specialties


          "Psychotherapy is an art as it involves the physical and verbal expression of thoughts, feelings, and emotions in such a way that this expression leads to the building of accurate conceptualizations of how problems have disorganized and/or disrupted the proper functioning of  individuals and their systems.  Once these conceptualizations are formed, the life experiences and what success means for the client become more apparent through abstract and candid discussions between client(s) and therapist(s).  What is unique and therapeutic about "talk therapy" is the experience and the application of interventions that create discovery for the client in a way that improves their experiences and eliminates the imprint of the problems on their lives by removing the connection of the problem and the system in which it effects.  This creates space for the introduction of more conducive ways of interacting and being.  The science of it all isncludes the measurable outcomes and constant research attributed to the degree of growth and positive change over time, for clients, following termination from therapy" (DocLQJ)

Feeling better is an option and so is the decision to enter therapy.  Just know that it is an experience you will not regret and one that could benefit you in more ways than one.  Each and every day more people are normalizing the experience of being in therapy and what that means for their life.  The therapeutic process is necessary where simple instructions are not sufficient in resolving the issues one may be experiencing.  Making the decision to get better and to enter therapy as a part of that process may seem like an easy decision but for many of us, the acknowledgement of the existence of a problem of maladaptive behaviors is a huge road block.  Take comfort in the fact that "help or assistance" only provides more ammunition for an individual to be more capable of overcoming obstacles quicker and in some cases, an outside perspective can make all of the difference.   The best part of all of this is that consultations are free and I do offer packaged specials for self pay clients, as well as a sliding fee scale.  :)

Along with our empirically supported therapy services, we also offer several specialty clinics and classes. Some of these services are covered by insurance and others require cash payment. Please speak with your therapist, doctor, or our office staff to see if you could benefit from these services.  The counseling services provided by this practitioner is under the Supervision of  AAMFT Approved Supervisor Dr. Candice Cooper LMFT (Georgia).  LaQuanda Jefferson is a licensure track practitioner for Georgia LMFT exam.
LaQuanda Jefferson MA., MFT
Psychotherapist, PreLicensed- Marriage and Family Therapist (GA) and Notary
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Scope of Our Practice
  • - Individual, family, group therapy
  • - Home Based community services intervention (CSI) in and the home and community up to 6 hours
  • - Psychological Assessments 
  • - 24 Hour Crisis Intervention
  • - Case Management
  • - Parenting Classes
  • - Conflict Communication Classes
  • - Trama Assessment
  • - Crisis Intervention
  • - Individual and family Counseling
  • - Vocational Rehabilitation
  • - Substance Abuse Treatment 
  • - Intensive Case Management
  • - Parenting Training
  • - Anger Management Training
  • Individual Crisis Stabilization
  • Faculty Support Services
  • Training and Consultation
  • Group Training/Consultation
  • Group Work
  • 24 HR Crisis Intervention
  • Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments
  • Early Intervention services 
  • Group Counseling/ Training
  • Specialized Training for Foster Parents
  • Trauma Assessment
  • Homestead Services
  • Home Evaluations
  • School Based Services
  • In Home Case MAnagement 
  • Intensive Treratment