Client Testimonials

"Absolutely love the new office, you guys are a great team and you deserve to have committed people and amazing therapists Dr. Jefferson, You bring the best out of people around you.  I am definitely investing and know you will continue to do great but stop moving around and settle down so I can stop traveling to see the great Emerging Professional lol  Seriously, I am proud of you. KL

"Amazing Practitioner who is committed to her clients. She led my wife and I back to one another's hearts when we were headed for divorce. I knew she would be great when our pastor referred us out to her." JC

"My daughter is a changed young  lady because of you, Thanks so much Doc."  L.K.

"There are few people who genuinely care about the fate of society as you do Mrs. Jefferson, I really appreciate all that you have done for our family from the bottom of my heart .., You saved us from us" The J Family

" The best thing about therapy with you is that it didn't feel like therapy at all.  Thanks for listening and helping me find my way." SW

" I really hope you publish this one on your website, I really like the website and you SM, you are always so positive and inspirational to myself and my husband. You help us in more ways than you think with your tips, videos, and articles.  You should write a book on life and love.  Can we please get in your next enrichment seminar for couples, the last one was stellar." D.B.

"I will be honest, I thought my life was over when I was diagnosed with BPD and you helped me regain my position. Thanks Mrs, J you are a God Send T.W.

" Going on and on would be my feedback...... but I will just say this and be done Thank you so much for truly helping me heal. You were right about that whole time and patience theory of yours." Sue J

"This woman should be ordained!" K. Suddeth

"Caring and kind, thanks so much for your community ministry not everyone gives so much of themselves back to the community." J.J.

"Whipped our son right back into shape and helped us redefine our lives after he was diagnosed ODD. LaQuanda Jefferson is the realdeal baby" SL

"Too much to comment, I am in tears after termination because I feel like we have built such a strong bond in therapy. You stayed with me and guided me every step of the way on my road to recovery. You are amazing when it comes to Substance abuse" R.T.

"We saw her for premarital counseling and she helped us grow as a couple in ways we didn't know existed.  Thanks to you we really have a sound foundation that is tailored for us as you always say" L.H-H.

"If you want someone who is going to listen and give you real results from a real person and not a tool LaQuanda Jefferson will make your life an amazing place to be in even after being diagnosed with major depression and being put on all those meds... she helped me get off the meds and get back into life as she called it."  Thanks Doc. J.H

"This is truly my testimony. Mrs. LaQuanda helped me realize that regardless of how I landed in therapy, I should seize the opportunity to make my self even better for my children, who were taken into state custody.   I was mad as hell and I took it out on her until I realized that she really did want to help me and I can say this lady worked diligently with me to get my kids back after working to rehabilitate me. My mind, body, and spirit has changed as a result and I wish I could afford to see her outside of court ordered therapy but she isn't accepting any patients at the moment.  Look, we all struggle to find out why me and she helped me to see it was just God placing his blessing before me. I know I am suppose to limit my comment but I had to put it all out there Go Bless you Doc. G.W.

"I am so happy we decided to try out therapy.  My wife and are were on the brink of divorce after three o f the most difficult years following the loss of our daughter in and accident at home and  you helped us heal.  God bless you for that and all that you do for our community here in Atlanta, we need more black women of your caliber to strengthen our culture again." H.S

Please be brief with your feedback about your experiences and please don\'t hesitate to post in the beginning and again toward the end of your therapeutic process.

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